Call for the "Carlo Azeglio Ciampi" Graduates' Award for the year 2021

The Scuola Normale Superiore (SNS) announces a call for a Graduates' Award funded by the Livorno Foundation and named after the former President of the Italian Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi.

Those who have obtained a master's degree, or equivalent title, at an Italian or non-Italian university, with a degree course in political, social or economic sciences and a thesis on the relationship between politics, society and the market, can participate in the call.

In the case of equal merit, those who have been resident for at least two years in the province of Livorno will be given precedence.

The gross amount of the Award is 7,000 euros; this amount:

  • is subject to IRPEF (personal income tax) with a withholding tax of 25% based on Art. 30, paragraph 2, of Presidential Decree No. 600 of 29 September 1973;
  • is not relevant for the IRAP taxable base;
  • is not subject to social security and/or insurance contributions;
  • is classified as “other income”;
  • can be certified on plain paper and must be included in the standard 770 form.

In order to participate in the call it is necessary to have obtained a master's degree, or equivalent qualification, from an Italian or non-Italian university no earlier than 2 years before the deadline for submitting the application indicated below.

Applications must be made using the form attached (letter A) and must be addressed to the Director of the SNS, to arrive no later than April 16, 2021.

The application must be signed by the candidate.

The application and its attachments must be sent exclusively by e-mail and in PDF format, to the address

Any applications received after the deadline, for whatever reason, even if sent within the deadline, will result in non-admission to the competition.

Pursuant to Art. 46 of Presidential Decree No. 445 of 28 December 2000, the candidates must declare under their own responsibility:

  1. their name, surname, place and date of birth;
  2. their citizenship;
  3. their address of the last five years;
  4. their master's degree or equivalent qualification, date and place of achievement;
  5. their domicile (if different from residence), telephone number and e-mail address for receiving communications relating to the call.

  Candidates must also declare:

  • that they accept all the regulations relating to this call;
  • that they are informed, pursuant to and for the purposes of European Regulation 2016/79 on the protection of personal data, that the personal data collected are necessary for the correct conducting of the competition and will be processed, also electronically, exclusively for the purposes of the selection procedure in question.

Competitors must attach to their application:

  1. a copy of their master's degree thesis or equivalent title;
  2. their degree certificate including the list of exams taken and grades;
  3. any published scientific works or manuscripts not yet published;
  4. any other title that the competitor deems useful to submit for the purposes of the Award;
  5. a copy of a valid identity document;

and, only for citizens of countries outside the European Union:

  1. a certificate attesting to the degree obtained, stating location, date of achievement and grades. The certificate must be translated into Italian with the exception of qualifications presented in French, English, Spanish and German.

The Selection Commission includes the Director of the SNS or his delegate, who chairs it, and four other professors  chosen from the SNS or other university institutions.

The Commission will assess the competitors on the basis of their master's degree thesis and any other documents submitted.

The Commission will conclude its work indicatively by the deadline of 30 May 2021.

The Commission may decide not to award the Prize if it deems that none of the competitors is worthy of it.

The Award will be paid out in a single instalment.

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